Failure Analysis

Looking Without Cutting

When failures occur, it can not only be costly, it can be deadly. Pinpointing the root cause of the failure is essential to safeguarding against it happening again. Typical failure analysis can involve serial sectioning the part to observe the microstructure, but this destroys the evidence and may prevent further testing – sometimes even inducing unwanted damage such as micro-cracking, which can be misleading to the investigation. Because μCT does not require the destruction of the sample, it can be used in combination with other analysis techniques for a more comprehensive investigation into the failure mechanism.

Nondestructive Investigation

Obtain crucial insights as to where and how the failure occurred.     
Root Cause Analysis Compare both known “good” and “bad” samples for a side-by-side assessment.
Digital Archiving Preserve essential information about the sample in a digital format.
Failure Analysis

Technical Data

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