Volume Graphics - Version 3.3.1 Ready for Download

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Freitag, 06.09.2019

In version 3.3.1, you will benefit from new capabilities, such as:
Faster saving of large .vgl files—in addition to faster loading already introduced with version 3.3.0. This saves time when handling large .vgl files (e.g., when a project contains large measurement templates with a large number of geometry elements and features, especially freeform tolerances, or complex analyses with a large number of results).
Specific tolerance tables. Project-specific nominal and tolerance values of geometric dimensions can now be imported as a .csv table and assigned to the features based on the feature names. This saves time compared to the manual entry of the tolerance and nominal values, since the tables are typically available from the design engineer or a ballooning software.
Cylindrical and conical clipping objects. This allows for faster visualization of rotationally symmetric objects, such as axles, batteries, or pipings.