SkyScan 1276


  • 3.9 seconds shortest scanning cycle,
  • 2.8 micron highest nominal resolution,
  • Spiral (helical) and round scanning.


  • Maintenance-free 20-100 kV micro-focus X-ray source, automatic 6-position filter changer,
  • 11 Mp cooled X-ray camera,
  • Continuously variable magnification with smallest pixel size of 2.8 micron,
  • Possibility to resolve object details of 5-6µm with more than 10% contrast,
  • Scanning in circular or spiral (helical) trajectory,
  • GPU-accelerated and world's fastest InstaRecon® 3D reconstructions supplied as standard,
  • Full body mouse and rat scanning, 80mm scanning diameter, >300mm scanning length,
  • Step-and-shoot and continuous gantry rotation with shortest scanning cycle of 3.9 sec.
  • Integrated physiological monitoring (breathing, movement detection, ECG) for time-resolved 4D microtomography,
  • Software for 2D/3D image analysis, bone morphology and realistic visualization,
  • On-screen dose meter to estimate accumulated dose and dose rate,
  • Export results to phones and tablets, software for volume rendering and virtual cut on mobiles,
  • Integrated touch screen to control main system functions by gloved hands,
  • Export results to 3D printers to create magnified physical copy of scanned objects,
  • GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) software package.

The SkyScan 1276 is a high performance, stand-alone, fast, desk-top in vivo micro-CT with continuously variable magnification for scanning small laboratory animals (mice, rats, ...) and biological samples. It has an unrivalled combination of high resolution, big image size, possibility for round and spiral (helical) scanning and reconstruction, and low dose imaging. The image field of view (up to 80 mm wide and more than 300 mm long) allows full body mouse and rat scanning. The variable magnification allows scanning bone and tissue samples with high spatial resolution down to 2.8 µm pixel size. Variable X-Ray energy combined with a range of filters ensures optimal image quality for diverse research applications from lung tissue to bone with metal implants. Further, the SkyScan 1276 in vivo micro-CT administers low radiation dose to the animals allowing multiple scans in longitudinal preclinical studies without the risk of unwanted radiation - induced side effects. The system can perform scanning with continuous gantry rotation and in step-and-shoot mode with fastest scanning cycle 3.9 sec.

The SkyScan 1276 allows reconstructing non-invasively any cross section(s) through the animal body with possibilities to convert reconstructed dataset into realistic 3D-image and calculate internal morphological parameters including specific bone structural parameters.

SkyScan 1276


Technische Daten

X-ray source

20...100 kV micro-focus X-ray source, 20W, <5 µm spot size at 4W

X-ray detector

11 Megapixel (4032 x 2688) 14-bit cooled digital X-ray CCD camera with fibre-optic coupling to scintillator, 2x2, 4x4, 8x8 binning modes

Scanning space

80mm in diameter, > 300 mm in length

Spatial resolution

2.8 µm smallest pixel size,

5-6 µm details resolved with more than 10% contrast

Reconstruction volume

up to 4000x4000x2100 or 8000x8000x1600 pixels after a single scan with round trajectory

Integrated physiological monitoring

real-time motion detection (5 Mp color camera),
ECG, breathing detection, temperature stabilization,
all signals digitized in 16bit with up to 120 samples/sec

Radiation safety

<1 µSv/h at 10cm from the instrument surface