SkyScan 1275



•   Description

  • This highly automated micro-CT system allows pushbutton operation with a preselected sequence of actions including scanning, reconstruction and volume rendering.
  • A wide range of X-ray energies 20-100kV and small spot size in the X-ray source plus multiple filter options allow optimal scanning conditions to be selected for any particular application.
  • This scanner has a generous object size range up to 96mm in diameter and 120 mm in length and can be used for large samples including industrial parts and assemblies.
  • The distortion-free flat-panel active pixel 3Mp detector includes a fiber-optic plate to ensure long lifetime and the highest possible reconstruction quality and accuracy
  • The scanning can be done by using conventional circular trajectory or by using helical (spiral) scanning trajectory.
  • GPU-accelerated 3D reconstruction supports all image formats with speed-up 5-10 times compare to conventional CPU-based reconstruction. The reconstruction supports both circular and helical scanning modes.
  • The 16-position automatic sample changer (optional) accepts a mix of the samples with different sizes. The scanner can automatically select magnification according to a sample’s size and shape. Scanned samples can be replaced at any time without interrupting an ongoing scanning process.
  • The supplied software package includes programs for 2D/3D image analysis and realistic 3D visualization by surface / volume rendering of large format scanning results, data export and volume rendering on mobiles. 
  • Optional stages for micropositioning and material testing allow scanning of a sample under compression, tension, heating or cooling. 
  • The control software and all application programs run under Microsoft Windows 10.
  • At the end of a scan, the scanner can send you an e-mail with a direct link to scan results.    
The SkyScan 1275 is specially designed for fast scanning using new advances in the technology of X-ray sources and efficient flat-panel detectors. It opens the possibility for reducing scan time down to a few minutes without compromising image quality. Current developments in fast reconstruction accelerated by graphics cards give an additional gain in performance and speed. Fast realistic visualization of results by volume rendering enables fabulous imaging of internal object’s microstructure with power to reveal all internal details by virtual cut or virtual flight around and inside the objects.  Fast scanning with high quality results is crucial for scientific research and industrial applications such as quality control or production process monitoring. The SkyScan 1275 provides a high level of automation. Simple push of a button on the front of the system starts an auto-sequence of a fast scan followed by reconstruction and volume rendering executed during scanning of the next sample.   


SkyScan 1275


Technische Daten


X-ray source

20-100 kV, 10 W, < 5 µm spot size @ 4 W

X-ray detector

3Mp (1944x1536 pixels) active pixel CMOS flat panel

Maximum object size

96 mm diameter, 120 mm height


GPU-accelerated FDK reconstruction as standard

Optional stages

micro-positioning, cooling, heating, compression/tension

Radiation safety

<1 µSv/h at 10cm from the instrument surface